Conduct your SWOT training where real SWAT train!

Planning your next SWOT Retreat? Why not come to our training/retreat facility...the same place real SWAT team members come to train!!

We offer:

  • Our ~69-acre training facility is off the beaten path and very rustic. Originally built for use as a military training compound, and currently used by our TEN 8 Tactics training teams for Law Enforcement (including SWAT), Military, and Corrections training.

  • 1- to 5-day accommodations

  • Privacy without the normal distractions associated with "big city" options

  • Secured environment

  • Bunk cabins for overnight stay are included --- so no costly hotel fees

  • Meals at the TEN 8 Training Center are included --- so cost-saving here too

  • Multiple "Adventure-based" options to choose from for life-time memories

  • Team-building activities ("Missions") available at no extra cost

  • Classroom/Meeting Room(s)

  • Leadership training sessions available at no extra cost

  • Extreme Role-Play scenario sessions available at no extra cost

  • Centrally located between three major southeast cities for convenience

Our staff is here to serve you and to create ultimate value to your business through our training and hosting abilities.

To find out more...

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