Best Software To Grow Your Business (Currently)

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

When it comes to marketing & managing your business, the list of available software options are simply enormous. One of the reasons I added "(Currently)" to the blog title, is due to the incredible amount of new services that seemingly appears daily!

As of today these are the best software options available that we find (and actively use) to be the top of the heap for your business. All offer a free version. 😃 A majority offer integration with each other, which makes the use even that more appealing. Without further adieu..and in no particular order:

1). HUBSPOT - HubSpot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. You can start with their free CRM (that allows you 1,000,000 contacts) which includes free Email and Ads marketing, and options are available as your needs grow. I've used ZOHO and am very experienced with Salesforce, but IMHO HubSpot is the superior service. Some of the actions you can accomplish with HubSpot:

  • Collect/Save all your contact's details

  • Email your contacts - individually or as a group via "Lists"

  • Send Sequenced Emails

  • Conduct your Ad Campaigns on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn (more with higher plans)

  • Add forms to your website

  • Create & Send newsletters

  • Create reminder tasks

  • Provide clients a "Schedule A Meeting" web page for easy scheduling

  • Create reports and view dashboard details

  • Create professional email signature

  • Scan business cards with the mobile app and auto add into your contacts

2). DRIFT - Every business with a website needs to have a chatbot, and Drift is the top of the heap! The free service is perfect for small business owners, and the Pro Plan will take your business to the next level. I'm constantly amazed at the functions/features you can provide to your customers using Drift. There's even a Video Email option that will help you get more Opens and Clicks!

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Drift:

  • Collect/Save contact's details that interact with your chatbots

  • Real-time chat with your clients

  • Create and add video to your emails. Get notified when someone opens the video plus the ability to live chat at that time

  • Answer questions and/or provide instant customer support via chat

3). MOBILEMONKEY - Over 2 billion people on FaceBook, so you're probably already running ads there. Why not take Messenger to the next level where you can run campaigns (including DRIP), your customer service, and your sales on the world's #1 messaging platform? MobileMonkey allows you to do just that and is one of the fastest platforms to learn.

Some of the actions you can accomplish with MobileMonkey:

  • Collect/Save your contact's details

  • Send Messages - individually or as a group via "Blasts"

  • Send Sequenced Messages

  • Add a FB chatbot to your website

  • Connect your CRM to your chatbot data

  • Answer questions and/or provide instant customer support via chat

4). UBERSUGGEST - SEO is one tough game. With Google constantly tweaking the algorithm and so much to tweak in your website...where do you begin? Ubersuggest takes all the guess work out of it for you. If you want more web traffic (and who doesn't), then be sure to use Ubersuggest.

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Ubersuggest:

  • Domain overview

  • Generate Key Word Ideas

  • Research competitor keywords

  • Perform a site audit

  • Research backlinks

5). ZOOM - I've used WebEx, GoToMeeting, etc., etc., but ZOOM is the leader when it comes to meetings & webinars. Extremely low latency, tons of options, ease of use - and that's the FREE version! The Pro Plan is <$15/month which is a great value!

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Zoom:

  • Conference Calls

  • 1w1 Video Meetings

  • Video Meetings

  • Webinars

6). CANVA - You're going to need banners and profile pictures for your social media sites, graphics for those sites, newsletter graphics/templates, flyers, and more. With CANVA, you can create all this. There's a small, relatively easy learning curve but once you practice a few times, you'll be a master.

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Canva:

  • Create all your social media profile and banner pics

  • Create transparent background images with ease (with paid plan)

  • Create custom social media pages with images (static and animated)

  • Create infographics

7). GRAMMARLY - I've used Grammarly for years and can't imagine why anyone would not. Grammarly is spell-check on steroids, with the added benefit of grammar, etc. Your organization should have everyone equipped with the Grammarly software.

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Grammarly:

  • Powerful spell-check (both web and documents)

  • Grammar suggestions/corrections

  • Look professional in your written communications

8). TRELLO - If you work on a team, if you have remote team members, if you are a project manager, if you have multiple projects your team leader wants to easily monitor without constant need for meetings and/or email updates, then Trello is the tool! You can create boards that can only be accessed by the appropriate team member(s) and keep updated so that everyone is on the same page (no pun intended). [Note: another service that is a great option is #SLACK]

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Trello:

  • Create workflow communications with a specific team during projects

  • Create work overview for leadership review

  • Accurately track progress on projects and "to do" lists

9). GOOGLE (of course) - Google offers so many free tools, it's mind boggling. Without going into the merits of each, here is the list you need to have on-hand: Google Drive, Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, Google Voice, Google Tag Manager, Google Alerts, and Google Campaign Builder.

Some of the actions you can accomplish with Google:

  • Just about anything!!

10). CRYSTALKNOWS - When you really know someone, you can build a much better relationship. And in business, it's all about relationship building. CrystalKnows provides you with suggestions and recommendations about how to interact with someone. And if you're working through a call-call list, what better information could you want?

Some of the actions you can accomplish with CyrstalKnows:

  • Fully understand your DISC, Archetype, and Myers-Briggs scores

  • Discover how to best interact with a potential client

11). LINKEDIN SALES NAVIGATOR - Lastly, and maybe most importantly (especially if you're B2B) is Sales Navigator. Discover leads and businesses that you may have never dreamed of. You can't imagine what you're missing until you start searching through 500,000,000 potential customers all in one place. Some of the actions you can accomplish with Sales Navigator:

  • Discover leads based on many available filters and save for future reference

  • Discover accounts based on many available filters and save for future reference

  • Add Tags and/or Notes per each lead

What did I miss that you're using? With so many options to chose from, it's always great to find something new to help not only grow your business, but to provide your customer a far superior experience.

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About Joey Peacock... Joey is VP of Training Success for TEN 8 Life. Joey's career includes decades of experience with Leadership in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Experience, Small Business and more. He's worked in over seven different industries, mostly recruited to help under-performing companies/divisions find success. Joey is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer. Consider connecting with Joey on LinkedIn and add a personal note that you found him here.

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