Best Evergreen Business Books (2019)


All my life, it's been recommended to me to read books. Most likely to you too. But I'm the first to admit it took me a (way too) long time to understand that and begin the process. Some admissions from me upfront:

  1. My first read book from cover-to-cover was The Exorcist when I was a senior in high-school. And it wasn't a class project, it was all on my own desire (go figure 😲 ).

  2. I rarely read anything outside of non-fiction business or leadership books.

  3. I'm a slow reader. Not because I have any reading challenges, but that I ponder over a lot of the information as I'm reading and do a ton of highlighting.

When I fully committed to reading, it was one of the best decisions I could make! I get it that "videos" are all the rage right now, and seemingly closely followed by the enormous growth in podcasts, but there's something about reading a book that really grows your lasting knowledge.

One of the things that really helped me with my reading routine was when I developed my personal process to complete a book: Read a chapter-a-day. I found that it only took me an average of 30-minutes to read a chapter and that was easy for me to carve out in my schedule.

Another process I recently discovered that is helping some people, is committing to 25-pages per day. Farnam Street blogged about this stating if you read 25 pages/day, "Let’s say that two days out of each month, you probably won’t have time to read. Plus Christmas. That gives you 340 days a year of solid reading time. 25 pages a day for 340 days is 8,500 pages. 8,500. What I have also found is that, when I commit to a minimum of 25 pages, I almost always read more. So let’s call the 8,500 pages 10,000. (I only need to extend that 25 pages into 30 to get there.)"

"25 pages a day for 340 days is 8,500 pages. 8,500. What I have also found is that, when I commit to a minimum of 25 pages, I almost always read more."

Our recommendations of evergreen business books cover culture, goal-setting/accomplishing, personal growth, leadership, and marketing. With that, we present the top (no particular numbered amount or order) of books recommended to help you in your personal growth which in turn can help you succeed in leading your team and growing your business...


This book is fabulous in discussing what great organizational health looks like.

The 4 Disciplines of Execution Here's an outstanding process of getting your teams focused on goals, not the "whirlwinds" of day-to-day work.

15 Invaluable Laws Of Growth

John Maxwell has written so many books, but this one takes it very personally.

Jack & Suzy Welch's The Real-life MBA If you're not a global company (yet), one chapter will not mean much to you, but the rest is a gold-mine!

EntreLeadership Dave Ramsey puts leadership into a whole new perspective that you should seriously consider.

QBQ! This is the only book that I've ever read in a single-day. It's super easy to read, quite challenging and insightful, and very thought-provoking.

The Purple Cow I love sharing the story of the Purple Cow. It really hits business owners in a way that wakes them up to what they really need to focus on. Seth Godin is a marketing genius and this one really needs to be on your "to read" list. I will tell you that some of the information is going to be dated (references to AOL, etc.) but the overall message remains relevant.

Raving Fans I remember reading this one and the focus it gave me concerning the Customer Experience. Though CX has always been a main focus of mine, this book helped me take it to a whole new level.

Strengthsfinder 2.0 Work in your strengths, not on your weaknesses. This book explains the advantages and helps you discover what you're truly gifted at and why, when you're working within your strengths, things seem to go some smooth for you.

I was leading a team when I first read this book. I then implemented to strategies outlined and we took the team to a whole new level of expertise and more importantly, customer satisfaction!

What books are you reading that's blowing you away? What book would you suggest be added to this list?

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About Joey Peacock... Joey is VP of Training Success for TEN 8 Life. Joey's career includes decades of experience with Leadership in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Experience, Small Business and more. He's worked in over seven different industries, mostly recruited to help under-performing companies/divisions find success. Joey is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer. Consider connecting with Joey on LinkedIn and add a personal note that you found him here.

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