10 Not Your Typical Tips for Relaxation

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

During training courses when we ask 'what is the #1 challenge that your leaders & key employees are experiencing', the first answer is often "Stress". A study¹ revealed that "...88% of leaders report that work is a primary source of stress..." What can you personally do to relieve your stress?


I can't even count how often I hear people, more specifically leaders and key employees, talk about their need for work/life balance. IMHO, the biggest challenge is that a majority of people believe that means an equal amount of each on each side of the pivot point - which isn't possible. Basically what they're wanting is some stress relief. Just the hope in turning the mind down and not having to make decisions for a bit. We make it so hard when all around us are options that can help us forget the stress and thus provide us relaxation, even if only for a little bit.

If you search for relaxation tips...you'll find information mostly far different then what I share with you here. 😉 Options are good! So here are 10 Not-So-Typical Tips for Relaxation for you to consider:

Go for a walk. I always found when I was getting stressed that it was time to take a few laps about the building. In doing so, I discovered that I could accomplish multiple things: clear my mind, get a better picture of the challenge I was facing, think through past the obvious, process who I might need to partner with to complete the project, and even got in some exercise!

Listen to music. Whether you kick back at your desk or add this to the walk, put in your ear-buds and start the music. And I'm not talking Sandman, I'm talking soothing, relaxing, tension-relieving music. Listen to my favorite piece of relaxation music.

Cut your grass. This is my personal #1 go-to stress relaxation method. I mean, I love to cut grass. I pop my ear-buds in, pick a new audible book and for hours & hours I’m cutting paths in my yard until there are no more paths available to cut. Soaking up Vitamin D and gaining personal growth from listening to the non-fiction books and no one bothering me but the cow-birds looking for lunch. This one is highly recommended!!

Write. No, not work stuff. Just write. Maybe you want to start your blog. Maybe you want to write a long message to a grandchild for their future reading. Maybe you have an idea for a book or possibly a movie idea. Just write. Your mind will focus on this and not remember the stress you're trying to escape. You never know what you can accomplish when you put your thoughts down on paper (okay, ...down on an electronic blank document).

Talk with an ol' classmate. I find it always so relaxing - and motivating - when I spend some time with one of my school classmates reminiscing about the good ol' days. Wondering what happened to classmates we haven't heard from in so long, talking about "might have been" had we made slight life-decision changes. And here's a favorite: What would you go back and tell your 18-year-old self?

An ice-cream float on your back-porch. When is the last time you spent some time just hanging out on your porch? No TV, no smart-phone, no ear-buds...just you and the porch hanging out. Now, throw in an ice-cream float whether you make it with a Coke or with (my favorite) an IBC Rootbeer, and oh-my-goodness...!!!! No words! The worse thing about this method is when the cup is empty and it's time to go back inside.

A trip to the river.

Hopefully, you’re fortunate enough to have a body of water located close to you. Whether it’s a pond, a lake, a stream, or a river, maybe even the ocean. Just head there and roll up your pants legs and wade away.

Spend some time with a dog. I love dogs. They are so people-friendly. They willingly play virtually anytime you want too and they'll hang around with ya, just to hang around! If you don't have one, someone in your family, a friend or neighbor probably does. And if for some reason none of them do (say it ain't so!), there's a shelter somewhere that would love having you come by to spend some time with one.

Hang out at your favorite non-chain-store restaurant. Okay, this one might sound weird, but think about it: Go grad a meal and take your time enjoying it. Don't rush. Even when you finish, just hang out and take it all in. Enjoy the aroma...notice what others order...watch the servers as they take care of their customers...find grandparents with their grandchildren and see the sparkle in their eyes...watch a game on TV if that service is available...just sit and take it all in.

Go serve someone.

Find a volunteer service that you can help serve at. There's someplace, somewhere close to you that needs your help. Whether a homeless shelter, a day-care, a Church, a school, something, someone, somewhere could use your help. And when you do, and you're doing it for the right reasons (for "them", not for "you") the overwhelming sense of humanity that will come over you will cause you to forget all that stress you thought you were going through. Perspective is a very powerful thing.

At least one of these suggestions is just the stress-relieving medicine to help you. All are readily, easily available.

So what do you think? Which might you try? What "not so typical" stress relief activity are you using, that I didn't list, to get you through?

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¹ Center for Creative Leadership study

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