We're Passionate About Your Success

And our clients are proof of that!

For over a decade, we have been providing tactical leadership and

skills training to Military, Special Ops, Law Enforcement, First Responders,

Corrections, Corporate teams, and Civilians. Our adventure-based training is unique in the industry in that we provide real-world Tactics - Techniques - Procedures (TTPs) through our TMS (Training Management System). We have the ability to custom create virtually any specialized training your team needs. We can conduct your training at our unique training facility or our Mobile Training Team (MTT) can conduct the training at your location. 

Michele Kimbrough / CEO
Michele Kimbrough / CEO

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Art Kimbrough / President
Art Kimbrough / President

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Brian Pavlus
Brian Pavlus

Brian Pavlus

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Michele Kimbrough / CEO
Michele Kimbrough / CEO

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Our Staff/Cadre includes law enforcement and corporate disciplined leaders with decades of first-hand, tactical experience to help you face the disruptive global landscape and help prepare your teams not only face the stress & threats but to also help them in their leadership personal growth. We focus on the conscious and unconscious training of the mind.


Our location offers many adventure options that will leave a lifetime of learning, and memories.
An exceptional way to boost morale and to create long-term "hire-to-retire" team members. 

We will:


  • Focus on accomplishing your business objectives in all the classroom and team-building activities

  • Conduct pre-event consultations to fully understand your business goals, current team unity, and understanding of the team physical capabilities so that everyone can participate in a meaningful way.

  • Provide you one-to-five day events...whatever best meets your team's needs.

  • Provide you the ability for a site visit prior to the event to tour our ~69-acre facility and fine-tune the mission(s).

Additionally, we have two sister sites where you can view additional training:

  • TEN 8 Tactics - specializing in Law Enforcement, SWAT, and Corrections tactical training courses.

  • TEN 8 Citizen - specializing in home/self-defense tactical training, club members target shooting,
                                   survival training, Tough Mudder, and more!



We're off the beaten path so your team can fully focus on their personal growth.


Our Impact Training instills lessons that will last far after the training sessions end.


We can uniquely customize your training to fit your specific needs, from 1 to 5-day sessions.


Instructors who excel at training you & your team for high-stress real-time agility.

What They're Saying About Us...


Two thumbs up
for the training. 
This class was very informative, engaging
and the hands-on
activities made
the day fly by

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— Nicole U. 

VP of Quality

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